Stenden South Africa Admission 2023/2024

Below is full details on admission for the 2023/2024 academic year at stenden South africa. Get all admission information Below.

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How to Apply for Stenden South Africa Admissions 2023/2024

Stenden South Africa Admissions form 2023/2024 is open to all school leavers, Non-school leavers and special cases qualified applicants irrespective of colour, race, ethnic identity, religion, gender, or Region

Applications can be done online, visit the official website of Stenden South Africa Admissions and complete an online application form.

NOTE, Becareful of fake website and apply only via the official website of the institution.

Stenden South Africa Admissions Requirements 2023/2024

Take Note: Stenden South Africa Application Requirements for 2023/2024 intake is available on the School Website, kindly Login to the Stenden South Africa School portal for full Information or kindly click on the link below to access the Stenden South Africa Application Requirements.

Stenden South Africa Admissions 2023/2024 Status

Admissions status can be checked via Stenden South Africa official website few months after successful application. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated once admission lists are released

More information on Education In South Africa

Primary education
South Africa has recognised independent and/or private schools for primary education. From the age of 6, children are of compulsory school age and attend primary school. Primary education consists of 2 phases:
• the foundation phase; and
• the intermediate phase.

Foundation phase

The foundation phase starts in grade R (Reception year, or grade 0) and lasts 4 years, up to and including grade 3. Education in this phase focuses on basic skills
such as reading, writing and arithmetic, and the development of language skills. From grade 3 onwards, it is mandatory to take another approved language in addition to their language of education. All official languages may be taken as the home language, first additional language and second additional language. These terms indicate the various level gradations for languages in the South African education system.
Intermediate phase
The intermediate phase starts in grade 4 and lasts 3 years, up to and including grade 6. The focus in this phase is more on reading and speaking skills in the home language as well as in the second language. From grade 4 onwards, education is exclusively in English and Afrikaans. The pupils also study mathematics, history, geography, general sciences and handicrafts.
Secondary education Secondary education consists of 2 phases:
• the senior phase (grades 7 up to and including 9);
• the further education and training phase (grades 10 up to and including 12).
Senior phase
The senior phase concludes the lower secondary education. At the end of this, a pupil is no longer required to attend school. The foundation phase, the intermediate phase and the senior phase are collectively called General
Education and Training (GET).

Further education and training phase
The upper secondary education is called Further Education and Training (FET).
Pupils choose:
• general secondary education; or
• vocational secondary education.

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