Akatsico takes its library online

An exclusive interview conducted by TWJ News Desk has revealed that Akatsi College Of Education (Akatsico) is undertaking an electronic library project aimed at improving trainees’ education in the College.

According to Mr. John Engelbert Seddoh, Principal of the College, the project is not about putting up a new building. It is all about making the college ICT compliant by- producing e-books and other teaching and learning materials online.

He further added that It will also make it easier for students to access relevant materials from other libraries both local and international.This project has become necessary as a result of the introduction of electronic learning in the various colleges of education due to the Covid-19 pandemic which brought a halt on academic activities.

The Principal of Akatsi College of Education (Akatsico), Mr.John Engelbert Seddoh has
said that his college is now a college of choice and the most beautiful among all colleges in the country. He said this in an interview with TTAG Weekly Journal (TWJ).

According to him, Akatsico is now a center of excellence and its campus has been given a facelift. It’s possibly the most beautiful College in Ghana, he said.


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