Food Bank in Ontario Banned International Students For Free Food. (All You Need To Know)

Food banks are charitable organizations that provide food assistance to individuals and families facing financial difficulties. While they aim to help all those in need, the availability of services may vary based on the policies and resources of individual food banks.

International students in Canada may face unique challenges, including financial constraints, limited access to certain support services, and restrictions on working hours. Some organizations and community initiatives may specifically target support for international students.

If there have been recent developments regarding a specific food bank closing its doors to international students, it would be a matter of concern and could potentially be a policy change or a specific situation at that particular food bank. It’s important to note that policies and practices can vary among different food banks, and their ability to assist individuals, including international students, may be influenced by factors such as available resources, funding, and community needs.

The Day to day Daily Bread Food Bank’s latest yearly report, found a 63 percent year-over-year expansion being used from July 2022 to June 2023.

“We get groups of three, four, sometimes nine, 10, with their backpacks ready for free stuff, we tell them, ‘We can’t feed you, you’re responsible for yourself and your family’,” Catherine Rivera, leader of Ste Louise Outreach Centre of Peel, told CBC News.

Rivera said students are expected to show assets for their initial year prior to coming into Canada, and subsequently ought not be depending on food banks.

Accordingly, Vishal Khanna, prime supporter of Sai Dham food bank in Etobicoke, said one shouldn’t expect students have the means to support themselves when cost for most everyday items is so high.

If you are directly affected or seeking more information, consider taking the following steps:

Contact the Food Bank

Reach out to the specific food bank in question. Contact them directly to inquire about their policies and whether there have been changes that affect international students.

University or College Services

Contact the international student services office at your university or college. They may have information about alternative support services available to international students, including food assistance programs.

Community Organizations

Explore other community organizations and charities in the area that may provide support to individuals in need, including international students.

Local News or Community Forums

Check local news sources or community forums for any updates or discussions related to the specific situation. News articles or community discussions may shed light on the reasons behind the decision.

Advocacy Groups

Connect with advocacy groups or organizations that focus on supporting the rights and well-being of international students. They may provide guidance or assistance in navigating the situation.

It’s important to approach the situation with respect and seek clarification from the relevant authorities. If there have been recent changes in policies affecting international students at a specific food bank, community awareness and dialogue may play a role in addressing the issue and finding solutions.

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