University of Ghana affiliated colleges to resume

Colleges of Education affiliated with the University of Ghana, Legon are expected to resume on Monday, September 12, 2023.

The resumption was necessitated after trainees of the affiliated Colleges lamented about the difficulties they faced during their online assessment.
In response to the numerous concerns raised by students about the challenges, they faced during the online Interim Assessments, 1&2, and End of Semester Examination for Colleges Of Education affiliated to U.G, Legon Via Sakai software.

The University of Ghana has decided to give a second chance to students affected in the whole assessment process.

Given this, all students who had challenges in both the Interim Assessment 1&2 and
End of Semester Examination is obliged to return to campus and take both the quizzes and Examination manually in whichever way they were affected.

The Interim Assessments 1&2 comes off from 12th – 16th September whereas the End Of
Semester Examination will commence from the 19th to the 27th of September 2023.

With this initiative by the mentoring university, students who had challenges such as poor access to a good network, network connectivity, the inability to
afford a smartphone, inability to log onto the Sakai (the online software) system among others will have the opportunity to partake in the assessment process manually.

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