Aurora College Admissions 2023/2024

Aurora College Admissions 2023/2024

Applications are invited for admission into various programmes at Aurora College for the 2023/2024 academic year which is expected to start in 2021.

Official Aurora College Student Portal Login

We are pleased to inform you about the Official Aurora College Student Portal Login:

Aurora College Application form 2023/2024

Aurora College Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Degree Programmes & Diploma Online Admission Application Form pdf for 2023 Academic Duration.

Below is the link to access the Aurora College Online Application portal/website. Aurora College Official Website:

 Aurora College Admission Requirements, Aurora College Admission Deadline, Aurora College Registration Dates, Aurora College Fees Structure, Aurora College Exams Time table and Aurora College Academic 2023 Calendar.

How to apply for Aurora College Admissions 2023/2024

Visit the official website of Aurora College


  1. Complete our Online Application

2. Arrange to send a transcript from your high school, college or university. Applying from a Canadian high school? You have the opportunity to self-report your grades as part of the application and you won’t need to send one from the school to be considered for admission until your final transcript is available

3. Check your status online. After your application has been received at Algoma, you will be able to check to see if we require additional documents or if a decision has been made. You may access this information by logging in to your Status Portal

4. If you are an international student, please click on the appropriate link for more application information.

How to apply to Aurora College.

 Apply online at:

You can also download the electronic version of the application form here!
Click here for the Aurora College Application Form (244 KB).
And submit to the following:

-The Registrar’s office at any campus
-Any Community Learning Centre or High School in the Northwest Territories
-During the summer, application forms can be obtained from the local Community Employment Officer

Official transcripts of your previous education must accompany or follow your application. If you attended high school in the NWT, request a copy of your transcript from Education, Culture, and Employment.  Letters of reference, security checks and letters explaining your interest in a field of study are required by certain programs.

If required, you must submit this information with your application for admission.

Aurora College 2023/2024 Admissions Requirements

Admission requirements for Aurora College can be found on their official website. we have provided the link above. Do well to check their requirements on their official website as it changes yearly.

Aurora College 2023/2024 Admissions Status

Admissions status can be checked via Aurora College official website few months after successful application. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated once admission lists are released.

Aurora College 2023/2024 Application Deadline

Aurora College 2023/2024 Intake Deadline is the day the University of Aurora College 2023 Admission Applications will end, it is important for you not to forget the date. Applications after the dead line would not be considered

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