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Forbes Release: List Of The 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2021

Very much like with the professional workplace, the nation additionally offers various freedoms for inventive personalities, most particularly those in media outlets. The business is loaded with various portions including the music, theater, and performing act, satire, and various others.

In the music area, the measure of cash you bring home relies upon how compelling and how inventive you are. This is something similar in Uganda too with some changing out enormous while some get not up to.

According to Forbes, the following musicians makes is to the top 10 in Uganda:

1. Bobi Wine

Famously known as The Ghetto President and Gladiator, Bobi is an eminent Dance Hall Music Artist that has amassed abundance over the previous years making him the most extravagant artist in the country. Considering some fresh possibilities and as a financial backer, the artist has corporate arrangements with various huge public and privately owned businesses including MTN, Ministry Of Health, Centenary Bank, and Life Bank Condoms.

2. Dr. Jose Chameleon

Brought forth in the year 1979, Jose Chameleon is quite possibly the most instructed performers in the country. He began his Music Career in Kenya as a DJ with AGOPA DJs. Being in the music business for more than 20 years, Jose has various speculation manages Big organizations including MTN, Coke Studio Africa, Pepsi, Uganda Cranes, and a large group of others. Spreading his arms into the horticultural area, he additionally works on farming and harvest developing for a huge scope. He additionally claims a private sea shore along the showers on path Victoria called CoCo Beach.

3. BeBe Cool

Some time ago known as Moses Sali, Bebe Cool is one of the Ke music legends in the music business. Beginning with the Regea Bashment team including Petermiles, Dzzy, and so on, Bebe Cool began his music vocation in Kenya. Notwithstanding his own collected riches, he is additionally the child of a dad that has highlighted as a priest in various Governments. Indeed, his dad is a companion of President Museveni. He presently has support manages various organizations including Coke Studio Africa, Airtel, and Uganda Cranes. He additionally works a record name into the Names of GaGamel Music. Very much like his kindred performers, he is additionally a significant financial backer with an emphasis on land. He has an armada of vehicles and various different properties.

4. Ragaa Dee

Ragaa Dee is a noticeable performer known for including in 3 music sorts including reggae, hip bounce, and Lingala. He is likewise a decent wisher and companion of President Museveni. Shockingly, The Ghetto President, the most extravagant artist in the nation, is additionally his companion. He has anyway dealt with the circumstance to oblige their political contrasts. It is a typical conviction that he is the consular of Uganda to Burundi as he was given the situation by President of the Republic of Uganda. In 2006, he was the principal performer to import the most costly vehicle then, at that point – Hummer. He likewise has interests in land and is the proprietor of a record mark known as the Buggie Empire.

5. Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera is the most extravagant female performer in Uganda. She is viewed as extraordinary compared to other live entertainers in the country. Despite the fact that she acquired the greater part of her abundance, she has additionally amassed various abundance and this gave her the fifth situation in the rundown of most extravagant artists in the country. Furthermore, she is likewise into the farming area and land as she is the proprietor of various lofts and land in Kampala and a few pieces of the country. In Uganda, she is considered as perhaps the most dedicated ladies.

6. Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja is one of the famous artists in the country. He is among the colleagues that led the foundation of the Eagles Production Band, which is an unmistakable band in the country. Moreover, he is likewise into the cordiality business as he is the proprietor of various lodgings including Roma Hotels and Roma Wares. He has likewise broadened his neck into different areas including the transportation area. Truth be told, he as of now possesses various business Lorries utilized in moving cumbersome products the nation over. In the political environment, he is seeking to join legislative issues and go after the parliamentary seat in 2021. He claims an armada of extravagance vehicles and a delightful home.

7. Mesaech Ssemakula

Likewise among the vital organizers of the Then Eagles creation, Mesaech Ssemakula is one of the top overseers of the unmistakable band. Right now, in any case, he is satisfying his music energy at the Golden Band creation. Mesaech is quite possibly the most well known performers in the nation has won a ‘SIR’ from the Kabaka of Buganda and a large group of different honors. He is additionally the proprietor of one of the noticeable music recording studios in the nation known as Kann Studio. As a financial backer, he additionally has various interests in land and claims various condos the nation over.

8. Geoferey Lutaaya

Additionally among the critical author of the then Eagle Production and a functioning part until its liquidation, Geoferey Lutaaya is quite possibly the most perceived and rich performers in the country. He is the author of The New Eagles, which gets its name from the previous ‘Hawks Production’. He is additionally into the cordiality business as he is the proprietor of one lodging, a club, and two inns. Furthermore, he is additionally the proprietor of an armada of extravagance vehicles and various different properties situated the nation over. Notwithstanding, many individuals accepted that he claims the properties along with his better half.

9. Eddy Kenzo

Whirlpool Kenzo is the most exceptionally appraised artist in the country. This has procured him popularity as he has packed away various honors including the BET Award. He is additionally viewed as one of only a handful few artists that have figured out how to trade the Uganda business to the outer world. He is additionally considered as the steadiest quick advancing youthful artist in the country. He additionally has various arrangements with organizations including Airtel and so forth He is additionally a diplomat of the travel industry area. Whirlpool is the proprietor of various properties including an armada of rich vehicles, a costly home, and so forth

10. Hajji Haruna Mubiru

One of the dedicated artists in Uganda is Hajjo Haruna Mubiru. He was additionally an individual from Eagles Production until its liquidation. Subsequently, he set up a free private creation organization known as Kream Production. He has figured out how to make things work for him in his new organization and has made various speculations, most particularly in the land. His properties incorporate an armada of sumptuous vehicles, a home, and various others.

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